2WD Eddy Brake Chassis with SP5 Controller package


2WD Eddy Brake Chassis with SP5 Controller package


Available soon!

Extensively re-engineered 2WD Eddy Brake Chassis with SP5 Controller package using 350mm large size 4 roller setup and 2000nm brake

If others to believe it’s capable of 1000hp, we would rate it at 800hp with 350mm rollers and 2000nm Eddy Brake *Traction/Gearing dependant


Bead blasted and powder coated chassis. Re-engineered to higher tolerance, strength and rigidity.


Load rollers parallel machined for superior grip

 All rollers dynamically balanced to higher specification by ADS

 All new high-speed bearings.

 New fasteners and fittings.

 Completely rewired.

 All new controller package consisting:


Special version SP5 controller configured to our spec.


New Win7 PC, 24” Monitor, Inkjet printer, wireless tracker-ball keyboard.


19” rack cabinet with isolator and brake output.


5bar vac/boost pressure sensor.


10bar oil/fuel compatible pressure sensor.


2 x EGT K-type thermocouples and glands – 1100C.


2 x Small Bead K-type thermocouples – 300C.


4 x Spare K-type inputs


Wideband AFR controller and tailpipe adapter.


2 x 0-30V voltage probes (fuel pump measurement etc)


2 x RPM pick-ups.


Automatic weather station (Bar, Pressure, Humidity) for continual atmospheric compensations.


2 x Heavy Duty Tie Straps


4 x Heavy Duty anchors and Excalibur bolts


OBDII adapter


 Priced at £18,500 + VAT ex. Works


For more information please contact:


Advanced Dyno Solutions

T: 01383 827 900

e: info@advanceddynos.co.uk

w: www.advanceddynos.co.uk

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