Large controller order has just landed with more on the way!

Large controller order has just landed with more on the way!

This should cover some of the 15+ chassis that will be arriving in to stock within the next few weeks!

We have several 4WD & 2WD Dynos coming in!
These include a Mainline 4WD, Dastek 4WD, RotoTest 4WD HUB, MAHA & Sun 2WD Eddy braked units, as well as a Bosch inertia and a DynoJet inertia for quads (or a bike)!

With the weather starting to pick up, we've been caught short with demand for our legendary fans, so as a precaution we have a further 20 fan's arriving early this month to cover orders worldwide & get everyone prepared for this summer! :)

We are currently working on our ''Priced to sell'' dyno page to give our followers & dyno enthusiasts an opportunity to get a second hand Dyno at a discounted rate!

We will have several Sun Ram 3 dyno's with the following specs:
*Sun Ram 3 chassis dyno with 20'' rollers & Eddy Current Brake fitted with SportDevices SP5 controller package!

*Brand new SportDevices SP5 Controller package with new Rack Cabinet.

*New PC & Monitor and comprehensive sensor package.

*Top cover plates - Blasted & powder coated ONLY. The main chassis frame, rollers, fittings etc will be left as is, this is due to weight and physical size of these units, and we have limited space, also our regular bead blaster & powder coater won’t be able handle them either.

*Chassis would be tested, checking retarder for leakage and correct operation, bearings greased, completely rewired and have controller package installed, configured and calibrated, ready for the end user to make money.

There are several Sun Ram 3's available, but be quick if you want a bargain!
Follow our Dyno store for the latest available Dyno's!
You can contact us on:
01383 827 900
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